Jumat, 01 April 2011

Justin Bieber Confirms Duet with Rebecca Black!

Justin Bieber will record a duet with Rebecca Black.
In a recent interview with ABC, 13-year-old Rebecca Black admitted her adoration for Justin Bieber, and also expressed hope to sing a duet with him in the future. This afternoon, Bieber finally publicly addressed the issue, and admitted that he is working with Black on her upcoming single!
“I’m actually really excited to be working with Rebecca,” Justin Bieber said, with a somewhat bashful grin. “She has a lot of talent. I know she has gotten a lot of haters since releasing “Friday” but if you listen to her sing a capella, there’s really something there.”
While Rebecca Black has yet to sign with a major record label, she has been working on new work, and hopes that “LOL” will attract as much public attention as “Friday” did. And as far as working with Bieber, “I’m thrilled” said Black. “He has so much talent and is such an inspiration. If he asked me to marry him, I’d say yes!”
And if you’re wondering, Justin Bieber’s alleged girlfriend, Selena Gomez has also chimed in about her boyfriend and Black singing together. “I think it’s really cute,” said Selena. “Justin is a sweetheart for making that little girl’s dream come true.”
All right, all right, I’m just kidding. April Fool’s!

source : http://robotceleb.com/news/218999-04012011-justin-bieber-confirms-duet-with-rebecca-black.html

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