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Justin Bieber set to star in adult movie with Ashton Kutcher?

Turning attention to film: Justin Bieber apparently planning new move Pic: © David Fisher / Rex Features
Justin Bieber is set to shock by starring in a new movie with Demi Moore’s husband Ashton Kutcher – but could an adult rating keep his younger fans away and shock his fanbase?
The Los Angeles Times has reported that Bieber and Kutcher are in talks to star in the movie that will be jointly produced by Ashton and Will Smith’s production companies.
The film is apparently called What Would Kenny Do?, with the plot centring on the relationship between a 17-year-old boy and his 30-something self.
It’s reported that the script was originally contained R-Rated content  – the US equivalent of a 15 certificate – and was about "a teenager who meets a hologram claiming to be the adult version of himself – the hologram then helps guide the teen through high school."
However, fans can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks to a re-write by (500) Days Of Summer scribe Scott Neustadter, the flick should end up as accessible to a younger audience, meaning there’s no worries that Bieber will compromise his pristine reputation.
One note of warning though: the project is unlikely to start filming before 2012, as Justin has touring commitments to keep him occupied.
But the project has been in development for a number of months, and a source has apparently assured that the project is moving ahead “with Bieber both in mind and on board.”

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