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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber relationship problems are just rumors

Rumors about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's relationship being on the rocks is just not backed up with any facts. Certain irresponsible websites have spread rumors that they simply can not prove. But now they are taking it up another level by claiming that Gomez's decision not to thank Bieber during her Kids Choice Awards acceptance speech means that there is trouble in paradise.

The rumors about their relationship troubles started almost as soon as they became a couple. But, they intensified recently over supposed "tendentious" Tweets, as one website put it, between the two. Their Tweets were not "tendentious" and are not a sign of any problems.

If that wasn't enough, certain websites have posted the most ridiculous articles you may ever read. They actually had the nerve to write about how Selena Gomez didn't thank Justin Bieber during her acceptance speech for winning Kids Choice Award. They claim that this is a sign that their relationship is in trouble.

The sites that wrote these articles should be shut down for pure stupidity. They are so ridiculous that they don't even deserve to have their names mentioned. If you really want to read the articles just Google "Selena Gomez Didn't Thank Justin Bieber at KCAs Speech" and you can experience the stupidity for yourself.

Why in the world would Gomez thank Bieber during her acceptance speech? What has he done to help her career? What did he do to help her win that award? Absolutely nothing is what he has done. Bieber is her boyfriend and that's it. You don't have to thank your boyfriend for winning an award especially if he didn't do anything to help you win.

The fact that this is being used as a reason to speculate about their relationship is simply moronic.

source : http://www.metrowny.com/news-entertainment/archives/840-Selena_Gomez_and_Justin_Bieber_relationship_problems_are_just_rumors.html

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