Minggu, 03 April 2011

Justin Bieber 'urges fans to adopt pets'

Justin Bieber is urging his fans to adopt animals as part of a new animal adoption campaign.

According to Animal Times, Bieber was thrilled by the chance to head up the adoption campaign for PETA.

"We moved to a city where I didn't really know anybody, so… I wanted a friend around and Sam was… that friend," Bieber said of his first pet Sam.

Bieber joined the campaign in January to emphasize the importance of adopting an abandoned animal. He also appeared in a PETA youth dividion campaign in 2009.

"My dad and I used to go and hang out (at the shelter)… just go and visit the different animals," said Bieber.

It was recently revealed that Bieber was considering collaborating with his girlfriend Selena Gomez on a duet.

In addition, Bieber may star in an upcoming film opposite Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher would play an older version of Bieber that counsels his younger self.

source : http://www.digitalspy.com/celebrity/news/a312571/justin-bieber-urges-fans-to-adopt-pets.html

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