Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

Justin Bieber Called a ‘Rocker’ by Former Guns N’ Roses Bassist Duff McKagan

Justin Bieber‘s fan base continues to grow day after day … And now, former Guns N’ Roses bass player, Duff McKagan, is coming forward as one of those fans!
McKagan says he can respect what the 17-year-old singer is all about, from one musician to another.
“Do you know what? Justin’s a rocker,” McKagan tells STV. “Man, he actually sings at his gigs, and the band’s a real band, and he plays drums and he’s f—ing great. Justin Bieber is a rocker for sure.”
Like most fathers of teenage daughters, the current Velvet Revolver member was introduced to the young star thanks to his two daughters, Grace (13) and Mae Marie (10). However, the 47-year-old rock star admits that trading in the partying for taking his girls to concerts, such as to Justin Bieber’s, is a nice change of scenery.
“Grace is 13 and she finds new cool stuff and she’s into Justin Bieber,” he says. “And I take them to every gig they want to go to. Justin Bieber concert — great. Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift.”

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