Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Justin Bieber Goes Blonde and Curly After Losing Bet

Justin Bieber might have shocked his fans when trimming his famous bang, but he has not undergone a big transformation until when he visits German TV show "Wetten Dass". The 17-year-old singer had to sport blonde curly locks after losing a bet during the taping of the show in Augsburg on Saturday night, March 19.

A contestant named Florian bet that he could recognize any city with over 500,000 people just by watching an illuminated photo taken by a satellite. Justin had to tell whether what Florian said is true or not, and he said no. He lost the bet because Florian could recognize all cities, and he had to wear the frumpy wig.

Donning a black leather shirt topped with a red vest, Justin was a little bit resistant when the variety show's host Thomas Gottschalk tried to put on the wig that looked very much like Thomas' own hair. The Canadian native finally obliged and was pictured placing the light locks atop his recently shortened coif.

Justin also performed for the audience and had a Q&A session during when he was asked if he knew why someone would pay thousands of dollars for his hair. The "Baby" hitmaker claimed he could not explain the motivation, but he's glad because the money is donated for a good cause.

source : http://www.celebrity-mania.com/news/view/00019433.html

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