Senin, 21 Maret 2011

Selena Gomez Says No to Justin Bieber's Facial Hair

We all know the the newly minted 17 year old pop icon Justin Bieber is trying to grow his facial hair. But did you know that his girlfriend Selena Gomez is against it? Find out Selena’s thoughts about Justin’s choice at the bottom of this post.
Can’t say that I blame her, but it is Justin’s face. However, at his young age I doubt he has much of any. Plus it is likely light colored since his hair is light. And he might get bored with it while waiting, so the hope has not left Selena yet.
Do you hope Justin can’t grow any, or do you think it will enhance his looks? I think he should avoid it at this time, maybe in a few years it would be a good time for him. It just seems to much of a risk to take after all he cut his lush locks. While that did not back fire on him, I am not sure how his mega fans will feel about him having a beard!

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